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Pectinase Enzyme

Enzyme do not damage the environment or the cotton fiber only as they are biologic catalysts and function only to accelerate the reaction. The functions of the enzymes used at the wet textile processes are to hydrolyze some subtances and ensure their removal by transforming them into water soluble substances. The studies conducted in the laboratories indicate that treatment of cotton with cellulase enzyme enhances the hydrophilic features of the fiber. It is determined that the reason underlying such improvement is the presence of pectinase within the cellulase enzyme used for pile removal. Pectinase enzyme is developed as a result of genetic studies. The pectin in the cotton is retained by the primary membrane with a biological adherent. Such biological adherent transforms into calcium, magnesium, iron and similar salts during the growth process of the fiber. During the growth process, majority of the pectin salts insoluble in water tend to bond with the waxes and proteins at the pectin at the primary membrane ensured obtaining sufficient hydrophility without damaging the cellulose structure.

In knitted fabrics, the scouring and antipilling processes can be carried out in the same bath.Because the working conditions of the both enzymes are the same.

In woven fabrics we can carry out the desizing and scouring processes in the same bath.

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