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About Us
About Us
When we first entered the sector in 1980, we were very young and excited. As the first company that started to operate in the area of enzymes in Turkey, we were launching a product which would open new horizons for many sectors, optimize quality and strengthen environmental awareness.

It was not easy to explain this to the market. During our professional career of 17 years, we strived a lot, gained different experiences, went down to the bottom line of our business, learned, specialized and as two professionals who were moving towards the same goal and dream sometimes in the same company and sometimes in different companies, our paths crossed in 1987. This is exactly how Indigo Kimya was born.

We knew that specialization in a single field was very important to improve quality and confidence and to maximize customer satisfaction. Therefore, Indigo Kimya focused only on textile sector. We were planning to work for higher quality, stylish, modern and endurable products in this sector where competition increases constantly and cooperate with sector representatives. At this point which we reached based on this principle; we are the largest company in our field in Turkey. We are at the disposal of textile sector with our dealers and representatives all around Turkey and sell our products worldwide.

We cooperate with the largest and the most prominent companies in the field of enzyme around the world. We are the representative of AB Enzyme and the formulator of Genencor International and Novozymes in Turkey. We set eyes on further distances and expand to new countries and new markets.

Shortly, we are a reference company specialized and experienced in the field of enzymes and look to the future.

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