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Our Differentiation
Our Differentiation

There are many characteristics that make us different than other companies operating in the sector.
While many chemical companies in the sector work on 'enzyme' as a sub-branch of their services, we only focus on this subject. We are the only company in Turkey that provides service in the field of enzymes for the textile sector. We do not engage in other activities. Our company  believes that the work should be performed excellently.
We are fast and assertive about being 'the fastest' company. According to our business understanding, we never tell our customers 'we don't have it now', 'we will have it soon', 'it is held at the customs office'. At Indigo Kimya, 'everything' is available 'at all times' by whomever it is demanded. We ensure this thanks to our working system based on stock availability.

It doesn't matter whether you order or call for service from within Turkey or around the world. We will surprisingly come fast, solve the problem and make the things alright. Our customers know that they will receive the same quality product and service from Indigo Kimya at all times.
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