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Laccase Enzyme

Laccase enzyme brings the dye on the fabric surface to lighter shades and is generally used at cotton products such as denim and laccase enzyme process can be implemented at the normal washing machines. In normal practice,  the laccase enzyme is used after lapidating process of the product, but it can also be applied directly to the products not subjected to lapidating process. The outcomes obtained from enzymatic bleachig process are more greyish in color and the durability of the product suffers no deterioration. The dark surface achieved after lapidating process turns into lighter shades within short time after application of the laccase enzyme. In this case, the indigo color preserves its orginal dark blue shade. At the end of the process the white-blue conrast emerges prominently and weak lapidate effects become more apparents.
PREMLITE 6 S 5,50 50 -60 OC 15 minute % 0.5 GRAY
PREMLITE 21 S 5,50 50 - 60 OC 15 minute % 0.5 GRAY

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