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Mission & Vision

 The main objectives of the Company;
• to ensure customer satisfaction by working to meet customer demands and expectations of the complete,
• When planning activities on "continuous improvement" good target
• the existence of our country's textile and textile products and textile chemicals to our product portfolio to gain the most suitable varieties,
• When planning activities on "continuous improvement" good target
• All processes contribute to sustainable development by optimizing resource consumption of all kinds,
• leadership and commitment to protect the industry,
• meet the legal requirements of all the environmental, protect the environment.
• to take control of the elements will cause environmental pollution, reduce and prevent
• everyone we work with our suppliers to our customers to cooperate in protecting the environment,
• fulfill our commitments under Responsible Care,
• Any emergency situation and take preventive measures for the accident,
All of these activities, the most important source of the conduct; employees. Employees for the purposes of the company, "one team" to operate in the form of our main goal. Quality journey, partners, suppliers, customers and employees in the sense of unity, we have the belief that continuous development will continue for years to come.

  • Become a world class company that contributes to the environmental awareness, serves the society and creates added value for its customers and business partners at all times.
  • Perform certain works to increase environmental awareness all around the world.
  • Become a leader as a trustworthy, honest and sought-after company that meets the requirements of sector and that easily adapts to development and change.
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